Dream Job

A common question during a job interview is “What is your dream job?” or more often, “What does your ideal job look like?”  This is a question I have given a lot of thought to recently.

I know that I have enjoyed my jobs until now. Most people are not unhappy with their jobs. Sure, there are always things you would tweak, but you’re not unhappy!

So what does that ideal dream job look like? Here’s my definition of a dream job:

If you won the $500 million Powerball jackpot, would you show up to work?

I can definitely think of jobs that I can do and want to do.  If I had such a job; that was truly enjoyable, I would not quit.  I think that job will differ from person to person, but there are some basic ideas that are probably consistent.  Some people do the things they love for a living.  Maybe you like tinkering with cars; you might be working as a mechanic.  Maybe you like working with wood, you might be building wood crafts for people.

I think a critical part of a job being a dream job is that you have a hard time telling the difference between a hobby and a job.  That you miss your job when you’re not there. And finally, that you could win a massive Powerball jackpot and still come back to work.  I know a few people in that situation, and I hope to get into that place myself.

What is your dream job?  What job would you stick with even if you became an overnight multi-millionaire?